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JJ PAulo

the Rising star of international Afrobeats


From Humble Beginnings to Musical Mastery

JJ Paulo is a family of go getters and hard working musicians, but most importantly they work as a team dedicated to make crowds sing and dance as cultural boundaries are broken down. We dare you, try and stand still when the afrobeat caravan hits your town!

National ambassador of Afrobeats

Denmark is infected by afrofever and jj paulo is the catalyst

From having to kick down every door and beg for gigs to closing award shows, winning best live act at Danish Music Awards Roots, appearing on the biggest televisions shows in Denmark, playing 26 festivals in the summer of 2023 and closing of their autumn/winter tour of the same you in the legendary venue VEGA copenhagen – Being the first independant artist to fill the venue.
Everybody in Denmark now knows JJ Paulo and he is now hungry for and honed in on the international market to become a household name of his genre.

Musical Exploration

sukuma culture as the foundation

With his roots in the village of birth Bujora, Tanzania and an upbringing in Silkeborg, Denmark, frontman Joram Johan Paulo has a cultural and human gift – a window into a person who has always navigated being different and now uses it as his inspiration and superpower.


A Collection of Sonic Adventures
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Baba mufasa

EP (self published)


The sound of africa

EP (self published)


A Collection of Sonic Adventures



EP (self published)


While you wait for the album

EP (self published)


Debut album

Album (self published)


you wait
for the

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Latest ep - 2023

JJ PAulo Independent
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A look back


"Ghana" is Track of the week

Primo November

EP Release

Mid November

Live act of the year

Ultimo November

VEGA CPH - SOld out


Nominated for ECho awards